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With the help of Sequoia Group LLC, you can purchase any vehicle offered for sale in the United States. It can be:

How It Works

So, you have 4 steps to buying your car
1) Choose a car, it is difficult? OK, no problem, we’ll do it, but you need to know what kind of car you want? This is very important, as it will save us time and money.
2) Reserve a car, it is difficult? OK, here’s what you need to do – determine what kind of car you want, sign a contract with us for services and purchase of a car, pay an advance on the contract, get a notification and full information about your car, accept the decision.
3) Buy a car, it’s difficult? OK, you’ve already made two important steps to your new car, do one more! You need to pay the difference between the advance on the contract and the cost of the car itself and its transportation to your country or city.
4) And so the most interesting and most exciting, the expectation of your car, three steps passed, you just need to wait a bit and you can pick up your car in the port

P.S. – After paying for the car that you purchased in the US, Sequoia Group LLC specialists monitor its shipment to the terminal. From the terminal your car is delivered to our warehouse in Miami – usually it takes no more than a week. As soon as your car arrives at the warehouse, our employees carefully inspect it and take pictures. Full description of the technical condition of the vehicle and its photos, we immediately send you.

In the guarded warehouse, the car is 5-10 days – during this time 4 cars sent in one direction are being prepared for dispatch. The cars are delivered to the port, and the documents for them are sent to the US Customs. To the customer of the car we send a track and a link to the website of the ship company delivering it so that he himself can track the location of the cargo, as well as all the documents (the original of the technical passport, the document confirming the purchase of the car and the consignment note) taking the car arriving to the port, you can register it without special difficulties. Image Not Found


Processed Orders


First-rate Specialists


Good Deals

Why choose us

We work quickly and smoothly, we will always help you to choose the best car, we will find it in the USA and deliver it to any part of the world. Buy a car in the US with Sequoia Group LLC - it's really simple!

Our mission

We want the purchase of a car in the US to become a simple, reliable and enjoyable occupation. Buying quality and pleasant things in operation should not take a lot of time and effort, so we take care of the formalities.

Reliability and fulfillment of obligations

We value our reputation and are interested in strict compliance with the stated deadlines and the cost of performing services for buying transport in the US.

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Our Services

Applying to Sequoia Group LLC, you can get help with the choice and purchase of a car from the USA, about which you dreamed, in the minimum period and at an affordable cost.


Vehicle Selection

You choose a car on one of the sites or at one of the auctions, instruct us to search for us. Auctions, Participation in the auction from $299


Buy from a dealer, redemption from an auction

The car you choose we buy from the dealer or we buy from the auction by agreement with you, according to the conditions of our company


Preparing for shipment, sending

After a successful transaction, your car is sent to our warehouse or straight to the port, we prepare all the necessary documents and send you your car


Documents and receipt of a car

Together with the car but already another delivery service, we send you the documents for the car, you wait for it on your own and get it in your country, port, at the customs warehouse