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  • Sells in the United States?

    Yes, our company has all the relevant licenses to buy cars from US auctions and sell them both on the domestic market and for export

  • You sell only damaged cars?

    We sell any cars, special equipment and water transport that our customers need, we buy out or buy out any equipment according to your wishes in the USA

  • In which countries do you send cars?

    Our company sends cars from the USA to anywhere in the world! We sell and ship around the globe of motor vehicles, special equipment and water transport. Our spare parts department, together with the company for fast delivery by air transport delivers spare parts for cars, etc. new and used in the shortest time quickly and not expensive!

  • If I want to buy a damaged car, can I order spare parts for it?

    You can choose any car, with any damage, our specialists, if they are in this state, we mainly work in Florida, Miami and the nearest cities can leave and inspect the car you are interested in, take a video and photo and give a preliminary opinion on the repair . If the car, you buy from our site or by personal search, you will immediately give an external estimated repair cost.

  • What are the guarantees if I send you money and you then send me my car or other purchased equipment?

    Our company is officially registered company in the US, Florida, Miami, we have all the official documents for carrying out transactions for the purchase and sale of cars, we are registered members of well-known auctions. In order that, to buy a car from the auction you need to be a dealer, in order that, to sell cars in the US you need to be a dealer, in order to become a dealer you need to get many different permits and pay insurance premiums of $ 25,000, in the case of a buyer's pritenzii. We treasure the money invested, and our reputation as well as we follow the letter of the law, in the US you can sit down for a long time in prison and be neither for any significant violation of the law. All transactions are officially recorded. We conclude a contract with you to buy and sell a car. You are billed and you officially pay for it.

  • How the deal is going and how to buy a car from the USA?

    The first thing you have to do is choose the make and model of the car. If you have already done this, you need to decide what kind of car it is - new, second-hand, damaged. If you do it yourself, look for and find what you are interested in, you need to transfer the collected information to us, we will evaluate the transaction and we will inform you all the necessary information on the purchase of a car or other equipment from the USA. After all the approvals, if everything suits you, pay for our services and transfer money for the car and its delivery.

  • How long does it take from purchase to delivery to the port of destination?

    From buying a car in the US before transporting it to the port of destination, it usually takes from 18 to 40 days, it all depends on the region. If it is Latin America - Mexico, Brazil or the Caribbean, then the delivery will be fast, if it is Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, the time will be longer.

  • I bought a broken Hydroscout from you, I need spare parts for it, can I order them from you?

    You can order as new so used spare parts for your hydroscout. We will try to find the spare part you need in a short time. You need to send the part number, year of manufacture, the name of your hydroscout or other information to us email.

  • Do you work with dealers from other countries, what are the conditions for partners and dealers?

    We work with dealers from many countries, since we are often asked about this and we will soon publish a list of partners and dealers. Terms for dealers and partners are discussed individually. For information about partnership and conditions for dealers, make a request for our email with the mark "dealer and your country"

  • Can I choose and buy the equipment I need?

    You can choose independently, but, the purchase takes place directly with our participation, you need authorization, etc.

  • Do you have a few cars on the site put up for sale, used and damaged, what is it connected with?

    Our goal is not to put as many cars and other equipment on your page as possible, but to find the right car for your client. We take into account all your wishes and find what you need. Plus, the US market is very dynamic, we are a global corporation and can not afford to have thousands of cars on the site. We buy out what we are interested in and buy out what you want for us, our company considers it a weighted and reliable tool for car sales.

Buying a car on the Internet, alone, remember the simple safety rules

  1. Make sure that you communicate with the agent and not bot
  2. Do not transfer money to the first people on the Internet, many do not have the right to do so
  3. Ask more questions and ask for a reality check
  4. Be careful when buying a cheap car, cheap cars in good condition, there is no USA
  5. Money without a contract, money to the wind! Require a contract
  6. I choose a car on the Internet, make sure that you see what you see, no photoshop, ask for a visual photo with a date.